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My name is David, I have been an avid shooter since the age of 8.  I have always supported our right to bear arms. Whether it's recreation, professional or for protection, we need to support our Constitutional Second Amendment Right. The hand made Molon Labe Rings are a reflection of this passionate support that many hold dear. Three Percenters, Gun Advocacy and 2nd Amendment Supporters, Military and Veterans, Law Enforcement, Greek Descendants and Spartan Historical Buffs are just some of the enthusiastic customers of the Molon Labe Rings. 

David Truong | Owner Molon Labe Rings & Mimi's Jewelry

My jewelry store, Mimi's Jewelry, has been in Fountain Valley California since 1995.  We make all of our products in house and pride ourselves with the products we produce.  I've made thousands of diamaond engagement rings and other embellished pieces of jewelry, but never have I made a ring like this. 


The Molon Labe Ring was created from a desire to make like minded individuals a ring they would be proud of wearing everyday, at the shooting range, at a social gathering...ANYWHERE.


You can see the Molon Labe jewelry piece first hand at my shop:

Mimi's Jewelry, Inc

18591 Brookhurst Street

Fountain Valley, CA 92708



2 Amendment Molon Labe Jewelry
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