Shop online for your own personal Molon Labe Ring. Each ring is custom hand made to order. The Molon Labe Ring comes in three standard variations - Gold, Silver and Two-Tone (Silver with 14 KT Yellow Gold inlay). Personalizations such as engraving or gemstone set can be made for an additional cost. Other modifications may be possible depending on what is desired. Please contact us for more details. 

Because each Molon Labe Ring is individually made our turn around is 6-10 weeks.  We will walk you through the process personally.  If you'd like to order please click through the product selections below. To get more information, please email us directly at Patriot@2AMolonLabe.com or call me personally at my business at 714-964-7851.  2A Molon Labe is part of a busy jewelry store so please be patient with replies and call backs. Your support and business is very important and we will get back to you as soon as possible.