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Just wanted to say Thank You to David Truong for making such a beautiful ring for my husband. You did a awesome job and would buy from you again. Thanks for doing such a awesome job.


M. Harrison

Bealeton, VA



I am blessed to be in a group of some of the finest men and women from all over the world.


People of all backgrounds, skills, professions, and we find that as different as we are, we are all connected by things that are dear to us.


David of Mimi’s Jewelry is one such gem of a human being.


His friendship and humility are reflected in the magnificent works of art he creates.


One is the Molon Labe ring he recently made possible for this group and of which I am most fortunate to own.


I am not a wearer of jewelry, but have since found that the ring is well fitting and I am really pleased to wear it daily.


The elements of the design are brought together in a very pleasing manner, and the detail is exquisite.


It is tasteful and not overbearing, but makes a bold statement.


It lends itself to both casual and dress wear.


I highly recommend David and his staff for any custom work, resetting, or new purchase.


M. Kaufman


I wear my ML proud everyday.  The only thing that competes against the quality of this piece is the sentiment behind it.  Thank you for taking your time to make such a fine piece.  


J. Dawson

Duncan, AZ

I love the ring! It is gorgeous! I am grateful you saw this labor through to its completion. It is worn with great pride. 


R. Batory

Turner, OR

Excellent work, David!  Very much appreciate this ring.   Sounds like everyone else does too, reading Sig Forum! Sent payment this afternoon.


G. Fox

Tampa, FL

Received my Molon Labe ring today, and it is everything I had hoped for. Perfect fit and highest craftsmanship- thank you so much for the time and effort you personally placed into this project. I am forever thankful!

S. Graham

Southlake, TX


They delivered my ring today. OH MY GOODNESS! It is absolutely magnificent! I am SO pleased~!


C. Ritter

Crossett, AR

I've been wearing my Molon Labe ring from David at Mimi's Jewelry for a few weeks now and can't begin to express how pleased I am with my purchase. I knew with David designing the ring that it would be an impressive piece but it still took me by surprise when I received it. The workmanship is absolutely incredible and the amount of detail that David was able to finesse and coerce into it is amazing. I highly recommend David and Mimi's for all of your fine jewelry needs.


M. Furjanic


Hi Dave,  


I got home late.  I was in Denver during the blizzard so had to get past all the flight delays yesterday afternoon.


I just opened the ring and tried it on,  I can easily say it is the nicest, most detailed ring I have ever seen.  The heft, the way it sits, the intricate work, all make this an awesome piece.   Its the class ring for the small like minded group of patriots.  You did a great job! I cannot wait until someone notices.


I will hopefully send some additional interested people your way.


Molon labe,

B. Fullerton

Suwanee, GA



They look amazing.  I am not a jewelry person.  My plan was to keep the ring on my office desk but I will be wearing it daily.  I gave one ring to my best friend and he was blown away by it.  My wife was laughing at us saying something about two men in their late forties acting like kids on Christmas.


All three of my daughters (14,11 and 4) want one.


M. Rose

Bloomfield Hills, MI











Thank you David,


My ring was delivered yesterday. I stopped all my appointments so I would be home to sign for the delivery.


I was greatly please with your ring design and craftsmanship, and the quality of the ring.


My wife and I have stayed in Sparta, Greece before with our Sparta native friends. Today, we ate with them at their Grecian Gardens restaurant in West Columbia, S.C. Your ring was a great hit with them and Alex (one of the owners) told my wife the story of the 300 Spartans and the battle.


Guys, don't hesitate on purchasing one of these great rings. David not only makes a great ring, but provides great communication, a tracking # and with very fast shipping. Cat is also very pleasant to work with. David makes sure that you are satisfied with your new ring.


I took off my USC class ring and I am wearing this ring in its place, at least for now.


Semper Fi

South Carolina

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